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Why Being “a YouTuber” Isn’t Enough

Why Being “a YouTuber” Isn’t Enough

YouTube’s done a lot toward giving your average Joe a soapbox. Heck, my dad — far from being average, but a Joe, nonetheless — even has a YouTube channel. And it used to be that anyone willing to devote the time to making good, regular, and original videos to feature on YouTube could make some pretty good money either as a supplement to other income or as a full-time job.

Now, however, with…

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How Much Are Words Worth to You?

When Will the Game Console Disappear from Relevance?

When Will the Game Console Disappear from Relevance?

Everyone knows that the PS4 is better than Xbox One! Except for those who know that Xbox One is better than PS4! With the latest batch of game consoles being so fervently commended and, in turn, denounced by their respective proponents, you’d think that the format of console gaming was enjoying a healthy day in the sun with a face toward further generations to come.

But I’m not so sure. Should we…

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